Bring your space to life with what works for you and feels like you with Nashville 

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I had never worked with an interior design team before so I didn’t know what to expect! Working with Sara-Jane and the Selah-Vié team was honestly better than any of those expectations. They were able to take the ideas I had and build a custom plan & implement the vision and did all the heavy lifting along the way. It was AMAZING to move in and my home be ready! I didn’t have to think about a thing and I’m just in LOVE with each detail that makes my space feel like me!

- Emma

Not only does Sara-Jane have an impeccable eye for design, but she makes the process fun for everyone! Sara-Jane knows how to brighten up any room, literally and figuratively, with her infectious energy and ambition.

- Lindsey

Can’t say enough great things about working with them! We hired them for staging our home to sell and ended up having them select furniture and create a cool outdoor living area of our new home! They are reliable, easy to communicate with and just an absolute joy to work with!

- Shay

Selah-Vié is a Nashville interior design agency that works with homeowners looking to feel at home in their newly purchased, built, or renovated space. Selah-Vié is here to help bring your vision and space to life – no matter what it takes. We’re passionate about helping you discover what makes you feel at home and arranging your space in a way that feels like you and works for you.

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Bring your space to life with what works for you and feels like you with Nashville interior designers at Selah-Vié.